Picture of Niklas Rorsman
Niklas Rorsman is funded with SEK 10 million for the new project "Advanced GaN Devices for mm and sub-mm-wave communication". Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Ten million to develop communication systems of the future

Niklas Rorsman, research professor at the Microwave Electronics Laboratory at MC2, receives 10 MSEK in research grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). Now, he has the opportunity to develop his cooperation with Taiwan.
"We are very happy! You are always pleasantly surprised when applications are granted. This is especially true of SSF's calls where competition is always hard. In this call, there were many applicants, so the chance that our application would be welcomed so positively was relatively small", says Niklas Rorsman.

Picture of Niklas Rorsman.He is funded with SEK 10 million for the new project "Advanced GaN Devices for mm and sub-mm-wave communication".
"We will try to optimize GaN transistors to operate at very high frequencies with the goal of being able to deliver enough output for the communication systems of the future. In the project, we will develop new materials and explore new component concepts to achieve this goal. We will be very dependent on the clean room and our measuring laboratory to be able to try and evaluate new ideas", explains Niklas.

SSF awards a total of SEK 60 million to strengthen research collaboration with Taiwan in various projects. It is a new venture that complements the cooperation that SSF already has with Japan and South Korea.
"I look forward to the fruition of this massively expanded collaboration between Swedish and Taiwanese researchers, including benefits to interacting industry with market opportunities stemming from innovations and scientific advances made in the projects", says professor and SSF CEO Lars Hultman in a press release.

For Niklas Rorsman's part, a golden opportunity now arises to extend his existing exchange with Taiwan, by means of personnel, materials and knowledge:
"We have long had a relatively close relationship with a group at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Taiwan. So far, it has resulted in some "dual-degree" dissertations and we have had several guest doctoral students, who have been at Chalmers for about a year and worked with us in our projects", says Niklas.

The hope is that doctoral students and researchers will be able to periodically spend time as guest researchers in Taiwan.
"Taiwan is an interesting country to work with. They are one of the world's largest exporters of semiconductor technology", says Niklas.

He describes himself as a country guy and a research professor who is most comfortable with lab work.
"I am not so fond of air travel, but it might be necessary to travel to Taiwan now..."

Niklas Rorsman is one of only two Chalmers researchers to get support in this call, which received a total of 49 applications, of which six were granted. His happy colleague is Marianna Ivashina, professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering. She receives 10 million SEK for her project "Antenna Technologies for Beyond-5G Wireless Communication".

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Page manager Published: Thu 06 Aug 2020.