Proud recipient of the Foundation's prize

MC2 researcher Simon He was awarded the prestigious Foundation Award in 2015 for his efforts. We were there when he received his award from the president Stefan Bengtsson's hand. "I am touched and proud to get the Foundation Award", said Simon He.
Simon He and Stefan Bengtsson, president of Chalmers.
It was in connection with the festive launch of Chalmers Ventures the other week as Simon He was called up on stage. Thundering house music pounded out of the speakers and the strobe lights pulsed in time with it.

Stefan Bengtsson – who was MC2's first head in his time – was proud of Simon He:
"Myself, having my background at MC2, I am very proud of you. Well done, Simon - and congratulations!", he said in a short speech on stage.

He also took the time to give a short background to the prize:
"This award is given out to an employee who has made outstanding contributions to Chalmers. This year, since the foundation has invested some 300 million kronor in Chalmers Ventures and then Chalmers University of Technology also invested money, they decided to give out the award to a person in the area of entrepreneurship."

After that Simon He was called up on stage, and the president turned directly to him:
"It is a personal prize, and also a prize which can be used in your activities here at Chalmers. Simon is employed at the MC2, working with microwave technology. He receives this award for his development of a new technology at MC2, which he, by the aid of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, has established a successful company based on – Wyberry Technologies. This is entirely in line with our vision of utilisation and entrepreneurship, and we hope that this will stimulate many other students and employees to take this step", said Stefan Bengtsson.

We were there when Simon He received his award, and got the opportunity to ask him a few questions directly after the ceremony.
How do you feel right now when you have received the award?
"I am pretty honoured about the prize. It is in fact difficult for me to realize that it is really true! It is a great honour!", Simon says.
Have you decided what you want to do with the prize?
"Yes, I want to use the money to improve the master's students' education. Currently in a lot of projects the students don't have a real chance to get real hands-on on real problems and real hardware. I want to improve that by having some projects that really cross the industry, solving cutting-edge problems, so that we make the students have a better starting-place for their career. This way they can get great experience so that other companies like to hire them immediately, and give them the feeling that Chalmers education is really down to the ground and close to industry."
Is it all master's students or just some programmes?
"It is more related to the technology of course – especially within wireless communication, microwave and nanoscience, where I stand on my ground right now."
Simon will soon get on vacation with his wife Wen Wu.
One part of the prize is a personal reward for you. Have you decided what you want to do with that part?
"I think I want to use that for a vacation. Normally I work really hard at over-hours, and I have accumulated so many vacation days and Chalmers always send me e-mails to complain about that. Therefore I will try to use the money to take my wife Wen Wu on a journey to get relaxed from work. We were married in 2011. Time flies. It goes so quick", Simon concludes.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Oct 2017.