Physics took the gold at the 16th MC2 Relay Race

​The runners from the Department of Physics ended on top of the podium when the 16th edition of the MC2 Relay Race was arranged on campus Johanneberg on 3 October.​​​​

It was just like in the classic smash-hit of Norwegian pop trio A-ha (though they sing about television sets, we know...): The sun always shines on the MC2 Relay Race. Just before the front runners in the twelve registered teams were sent away, the clouds cracked up and the sun penetrated. Very unlike the days before, when the rain formally poured down and the umbrellas were turned in and out in the winds.

But now there were other buns. Or sausages, to speak with the race's constant grill champion, Gyözö "Korv-Frasse" Fransson, who served hotdogs with bread and soft drinks, just as he always does in such a nice way.

The classic exercise race was thus settled for the 16th year, as usual organized and arranged by the relay generals Debora Perlheden and Ulf Södervall. Runners and spectators were welcomed by the department's deputy head Magnus Karlsson. 

However, this year, without the warm-up with Kaija Matikainen, the participants had to stretch themselves into running shape on their own.

The mood of the twelve registered teams was on top, and the runners were seemingly in good condition when they got out in the racing track. All the teams usually had more or less creative names like Squid Squad, Deers on the Run, TeraHearts and –​ The Running Team!

The winning team, Condensed Matter Physicists, with small margin took back the prize trophy to the Department of Physics from last year's winner, MC2, with the time 20.50.

See all the results below!

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Susannah Carlsson

Official results
1. Condensed Matter Physicists – 20.50
Simon Lindberg, Jonathan Weidow, Josef Rizell, Viktor Nilsson

2. The Running Team – 21.24
Henric Fjellstedt, Dan Kuylenstierna, Zhongxia Simon He, Johan Högstrand

3. Squid Squad – 22.28
Sobhan Sepehri, Christoph Pfeiffer, Bogdan Karpiak, Zhao Bing

4. Slow Light – 22.32
Filip Hjort, Attila Fülöp, Kovendahn Vijayan, Jochen Schröder

5. RISE Acreo – 22.55
Lars Landén, Fredrik Ahrentorp, Jakob Blomgren, Hans Palerius, Gabor Gereb, Christian Johansson

6. Deers on the run – 24.25
Edoardo Trabaldo, Eric Anderson, Riccardo Arpaia, Domenico Montemurro

7. Team 1 – 25.09
Marco Scigliuzzo, Marina Kudra, Andre Luiz Oliveira Bilobran, Janka Biznarova

8. TeraHearts – 25.11
Marlene Bonmann, Naresh Acharya, Anis Moradikouchi, Juan Cabello Sanchez

9. MPWPS – 25.22
Erik Jäverbrink, Lars Persson, Ahmed Gouda, Zeng Yin

10. Ultrastrong – 25.55
Anton Frisk Kockum, Ingrid Strandberg, Göran Johansson, Pontus Vikstål

11. Exercise Light – 25.57
Ewa Simpanen, Kakarla Ravikiran, Ali Mirani, Diego Rodrigo Villafani Caballero

12. Quattro Formaggi – 28.11
Witlef Wieczorek, Matthias Rudolph, Sushanth Kini, Martí Gutierrez Latorre

Published: Wed 10 Oct 2018.