Per Delsing in new tv show

Per Delsing, well-known professor in experimental physics at MC2, stars in the first episode of the new science show "Researchers for the future" ("Forskare för framtiden"), which premiered on Sveriges Television (SVT) on 10 May.

Per Delsing explains the twin paradox, and reveals how his own interest for science and technology once were born and tells about other research interests.
"When I was nine, ten years old, I watched on tv how they landed on the moon, and I thought it was so amazing. That's when I decided that I wanted to work with technology and science", he says in the programme.
The 7 minute long programme also features scenes filmed in the Nanofabrication Laboratory, guided by Per Delsing.
The series is produced in Swedish by the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR).

Text: Michael Nystås

You can stream the programme on UR Play until 10 November >>>

Published: Mon 15 May 2017. Modified: Fri 19 May 2017