New report highlights the first decade of GigaHertz Centre

​The report highlights the first ten years of the GigaHertz Centre at Chalmers. "During one decade, Chalmers has in GHz Centre collaborated with seventeen companies vastly differing in size, business and location," centre director Jan Grahn writes in his introduction.
The GHz Centre report delivers a ten-year perspective of what research in microwave electronics between Chalmers and industry has resulted in. The impact is both educational, academic and industrial.
"Using our partnership in GHz Centre, we have learned how to combine academic curiosity with the entrepreneurial mind-set in industry. As a result, we advance education, new knowledge and innovation in microwave technology for both university and multiple industries ranging from spin-off companies to large system houses", Jan Grahn writes.

The GHz Centre is a centre hosted by MC2. Director Jan Grahn is a professor of microwave technology, at the Microwave Electronics Laboratory at MC2.

The Vinnova funded centre is funded for another five-year term for the period 2017-2021. This time a joint-consortium with the antenna system Chalmers centre ChaseOn has been set up.
"ChaseOn and GigaHertz Centre form the largest microwave-antenna effort between a single university and industry so far. We anticipate large progress in research and innovation during these five years", Jan Grahn writes.

The new report includes many inspiring examples of activities from the past ten years in the centre's history, such as a world record with a 56% efficiency galliumnitride-based Doherty power amplifier for 3.5 GHz, and a radar system based on galliumnitride HEMT circuits.

Text: Michael Nystås

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Page manager Published: Tue 04 May 2021.