​Peter Andrekson, professor of photonics, is new head of the Photonics Laboratory at MC2 since 1 January 2019. Photo: Henrik Sandsjö​​

New head of the Photonics Laboratory

​Peter Andrekson, professor of photonics, is new head of the Photonics Laboratory at MC2 since 1 January 2019. "It doesn't really feel that dramatic," he says.
Peter Andrekson looks with confidence on his new appointment. He succeeds the laboratorie's long-standing head Anders Larsson:
"Anders has "raked the way" in an exemplary manner for about 25 years. Over the years, I have also been involved in many decisions at different levels, and for example, was a member of Chalmers' board for seven years, so this does not feel dramatic for me," says Andrekson.

Do you have any specific thoughts about what you want to do as head?
"Chalmers annual management day next week deals with, among other things, the managers' limited opportunity for recovery. Here I have two thoughts: thank no to things if they are not important and never hesitate to delegate tasks to others. I'm going to keep doing that."

As laboratory head, Andrekson wants to further develop the photonics research, and make it more visible to the students at Chalmers:
"Photonics is a very wide area with ​​applications almost everywhere in our society. We received great feedback on our research in the external review of MC2 last year. But now we need to think more visionary about which application areas we want to look more closely at over the next ten years, and then preferably with great synergy linked to our current research. We also need to become more visible to the students at the graduate level at Chalmers in various ways," he says.

Peter Andrekson was born in 1960 and defended his PhD at Chalmers in 1988. He has been awarded several awards for his work. From 1989 to 1992, he spent his time at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the United States, but returned to Chalmers after that and has been working here since then.
"My research is mostly about optical fiber communication with high performance, both in terms of capacity and energy consumption, but also on a special type of extremely low noise optical amplifier that can prove useful for, among other things, communication in "deep space" over millions of kilometers. The latter work is supported by a ten-year VR project, which enables greater risk taking, something I appreciate a lot," he says.

In parallel with the new assignment, Peter Andrekson will continue as director of the research center FORCE, which he has led since the start in 2010. The acronym stands for Fiber Optic Communications Research Centre.

Another current change among the heads of MC2 is that Dag Winkler, professor of physics and former head of department at the department, is the new head of the Quantum Device Physics Laboratory since 1 September 2018. He then succeeded August Yurgens.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Henrik Sandsjö

Page manager Published: Fri 18 Jan 2019.