Picture of authors.
​A new book, written by Joar Svanvik, Göran Johansson, Ingemar Ernberg, Göran Wendin and Tomas Lindblad, combines quantum physics and biology. Photo: Ulf Sirborn/Volante​​

New book combines quantum physics and biology

​Seven years of work is over. On 16 March, the book that unites quantum physics and biology is released. Among the authors are the MC2 professors Göran Johansson and Göran Wendin. "Not many physicians and biologists have worn quantum physical glasses before," says Göran Johansson.​
"Kvantfysiken och livet" ("Quantum physics and life") with the imaginative subtitle "Våra innersta mekanismer och världarna omkring oss" ("Our innermost mechanisms and the worlds around us") (Volante Förlag) is an interdisciplinary book that shows how the meeting between quantum physics and medical research can form the basis for the next scientific revolution.
"Life is always interesting and it is fascinating to think about how quantum physics comes in", says Göran Johansson, professor of applied quantum physics, and head of the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at MC2.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Published: Tue 03 Mar 2020.