​In connection with the award ceremony, Martin Eriksson also held a lecture in which he presented his dissertation. Photo: Michael Nystås

Martin Eriksson receives Arne Sjögren's Prize

​Martin Eriksson, former PhD student at the Department of Physics, is honored with Arne Sjögren's Prize, which is now awarded for the fifth time. The prize of SEK 30,000 goes to the most innovative dissertation in nanoscience, and was instituted in memory of the chalmerist Arne Sjögren (F68).
At his passing in 2012, Arne Sjögren (to the right) donated SEK 370,000 to Chalmers, the amount on which the prize was based. Martin Eriksson is rewarded for his dissertation "There's Plenty of Room in Higher Dimensions – Nonlinear Dynamics of Nanoelectromechanical Systems", which he defended in September 2017. He received his award at a simple ceremony during the recent networking meeting with researchers in the excellence initiative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Marstrand.
"I feel very proud and honored! It's been very exciting to come back and see old colleagues again and to get the opportunity to share my research, since many hours have been spent struggling to achieve the results", says Martin Eriksson.
In connection with the award ceremony, led by the excellence initiative director Bo Albinsson, Martin Eriksson also held a lecture in which he presented his dissertation.
"His analysis of nonlinear dynamics in small mechanical systems, has paved the road for for new studies, experimental and theoretical, on this topic", the jury writes in the motivation.

After his dissertation, Martin Eriksson had a postdoctoral service at Chalmers. Then he developed his research through various collaborations with researchers in the United States. The new results are expected to be published in the scientific journals Physics Review Letters and Nature Nanotechnology.
Martin Eriksson recently took office at the consulting company ÅF in Gothenburg.

The Excellence Initiative's director, Professor Bo Albinsson (to the left), is very pleased to be able to hand out Arne Sjögren's Prize, which is now awarded to a doctor in nanotechnology from Chalmers for the fifth time:
"The doctoral students are the bloodstream of Chalmers research, and awarding an annual prize to the best thesis in nanoscience is a very important task," he says.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås
Photo of Arne Sjögren: Hans Block

About Arne Sjögren's Prize >>>
​The prize has been founded to recognize an outstanding student in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology area, with the prime aim to boost a future career in academia or industry. It has been made possible by a generous donation by Chalmers alumnus Arne Sjögren (F68) who in his will donated part of his estate to be used for the benefit of research in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology at Chalmers.

Earlier Prize winners:
2013 (for best dissertation 2012) Samuel Lara-Avila
2014 No prize was awarded
2015 Jakob Woller
2016 André Dankert
2017 Jelena Lovric
2018 Martin Eriksson

Published: Wed 05 Sep 2018.