Large interest for solid centre day

​Intense networking and the latest research updates were on the agenda on the joint day for Chalmers excellence centres ChaseOn and GigaHertz Centre in Palmstedtsalen on 14 November. The day gathered around 140 participants from the academic and business worlds.
The centre directors Erik Ström, Professor of Communications Systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering – E2, and Jan Grahn, Professor of Microwave Technology at MC2 (to the left), invited to a full and intense day, together with their vice directors Christian Fager, Professor at MC2, and Marianna Ivashina, Professor of Electromagnetic Design of Antenna Systems at E2.
"With Chalmers and industry together in a consortium, doing this type of joint arrangement is unique in this perspective", Jan Grahn said in his and Erik Ström's joint welcome address.

On the agenda there were technical presentations of ongoing research collaborations between Chalmers and the business community in microwave technology and antenna systems, currently nine projects, and plenty of opportunities to network and connect with new contacts. A new feature for this year was a poster exhibition with around ten participants. It drew much attention within the coffee breaks.

Specially invited key note speaker was Sonia Heemstra, Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands (to the right). Two members of the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) were also on site: Wolfgang Heinrich, Professor at The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut in Berlin, and Christoph Mecklenbräuker, Professor at TU Vienna.

GigaHertz Centre and ChaseOn together gather 25 partners within academy and industry. That's a considerable share of the expertise in microwave electronics and antenna systems. Nine different projects are ongoing right now in the Vinnova funded effort, which also involves three departments at Chalmers.
Jan Grahn emphasized that there are strong technical reasons to unite the areas with a joint board and a joint scientific advisory board:
"We think that this have been highly beneficial by all standards and even internationally. As directors we feel that this joint consortium has worked extremely well, and we see that we get many new grants and new partners." 

Ström and Grahn also looked beyond the lifetime of the current setup:
"We are already discussing what will happen after this projects end in 2021", they said.
A strategic group has been formed, with 15 members from Chalmers and eight partner companies. Ström and Grahn didn't reveal any details, but said that there is a large consensus to continue and develop the collaboration in the future.

Among the participants at the Centre Day were people from companies such as Volvo Cars, Saab AB and Ericsson. It all ended with a gala dinner at the restaurant Wijkanders.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

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Page manager Published: Mon 26 Nov 2018.