Picture of Janine Splettstoesser
​​Janine Splettstößer has got a five-year extension of her ongoing Wallenberg Academy Fellow appointment. Photo: Michael Nystås ​​​​

Honourable extension as Wallenberg Academy Fellow

​Janine Splettstößer, professor of theoretical physics at the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory (AQP) at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience – MC2, has got a five-year extension of her ongoing Wallenberg Academy Fellow appointment. "I am of course extremely happy about this –​ it’s a great honour!", she says. ​
When Janine Splettstößer was appointed as a fellow in 2013, she was the first at MC2, although she belonged to another university at the time of her application. She came to Chalmers in the end of 2013 and has been here since then.
"Since I have moved here, I have built up my group at the AQP. We have mostly been working on dynamics of time-dependent transport in nano electronic systems, but have moved more and more in the direction of quantum thermodynamics, which is also the topic of the proposal for the extension grant. Since I have arrived here, the first three PhD students have graduated and also some Master students and Postdocs have been part of my group. Some new people will join the group in the coming months", Janine tells us.

The extension means five more years to spend on her research. As a fellow, Janine Splettstößer plans to work on a project which deals with the thermodynamics of nanoscale systems. 
"In particular, I am interested in non-equilibrium and quantum effects and how they can be exploited for possible future applications. For example, one might wonder whether certain non-equilibrium conditions make thermoelectric effects at the nanoscale more efficient."

She and her group will work on a wide span of approaches: from developing theoretical methods, to proposing realistic devices and work in collaboration with experimentalists. 
"I also hope to be able to extend local collaborations in this context. The new people joining my group might also be very helpful for this." 

Has being an Academy Fellow opened any doors for you?

"Absolutely! Since I had not worked in Sweden before, being an academy fellow was extremely helpful to meet people, have a mentor, regular meetings with scientists from different Universities and disciplines etc. But of course also the generous funding allowed me to build up a real group from the very beginning! So for me this was really a door-opener!", says Janine.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Page manager Published: Mon 13 Jan 2020.