​Professor Göran Johansson speaks at TedX Göteborg on 23 October. Photo: Michael Nystås

Göran Johansson speaks at TedX Göteborg

Göran Johansson, professor of applied quantum physics and head of the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at MC2, is one of the speakers at TedX Göteborg on 23 October. "It feels both nervous and fun," he says.
TED is a non-profit international network that works for ideas worth spreading. The phenomenon of recorded lectures, nowadays also made freely available on the internet, started in California already in 1984. The local networking events around the world are called TEDx. TEDx Göteborg has been around since 2009.
The theme for TedX Göteborg on 23 October is "Brave New World". Tonight's host is the entrepreneur and venture capitalist Johan Staël von Holstein. Göran Johansson is in good company and shares the stage with Sveriges Television's CEO Hanna Stjärne, psychologist Katarina Blom, social entrepreneur Carolina Jonnor, psychologists Tyler Talib Fisher and Shubhaa Fisher, poet and activist Agnes Török, the company Techon Creative's founder and CEO Joel Rozada, as well as the psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes. There will also be performances of the yoga acrobats Tobias Strollo and Gabriella Bergbäck from Acro Yogis, and the dancer Mia Hellberg.
From Chalmers, Asgeir Sigurjónsson, Shea Hagy and David Martinez also participate with their company EarthLab, which is a so-called sustainable development studio. The trio all holds a degree from the Master's Program "Design for Sustainable Development" at Chalmers.
The title of Göran Johansson's lecture is "The Conundrum of Quantum Computers". He will talk about the next quantum revolution, and how quantum computers in the future can change our way of learning new things about the world.
"I will talk about why I want to build a quantum computer. It will be recorded at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg on 23 October", says Göran Johansson.
Is it open to an audience?
"Yes, and I think someone mentioned that people from Chalmers have a discount."
Göran Johansson is the second researcher from MC2, who is admitted to the Ted arena. Previously, the department head Mikael Fogelström, professor of theoretical physics, has spoken on two occasions. In November 2013 he spoke under the heading "Graphene Science"; a lecture that currently has over 300,000 views on Youtube. In October 2014, he spoke again, now under the heading "Graphene, from a layer of atoms to applications", a lecture with over 86,000 views. The impact can thus be enormous.
Text and photo: Michael Nystås
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