Jan Grahn, professor of microwave technology, at MC2, and director of the GigaHertz Center.
​Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

Centre Day summarizes ten years of successful research

On 30 November, the Centre Day is arranged at Chalmers. At the head of the planning is Jan Grahn, professor of microwave technology, at MC2. We got the chance to ask a few questions prior to the event.
​What's the Centre Day?
– At the Centre Day, we summarize ten years of successful research between Chalmers and 30 companies in our competence centers GigaHertz Center and Chase. These two centers are focusing on research in wireless, particularly microwave technology and antenna systems, and how we take this into industrial use, says Jan Grahn.
Who is the target group for this day?
– All are welcome who are interested in either advanced research and development in wireless technology, or of how the university and industry can effectively collaborate.
How many participants are expected?
– Currently we have nearly 110 people notified.
Where are the participants from?
– In addition to 60 Chalmers participants, we have representatives from between 15 and 20 companies, our government funder, Vinnova, Business Region Göteborg, as well as our international scientific advisors from Canada, Austria and Germany.
What will happen during the day?
– We have selected speakers who will give a personal view of how wireless technology today is in the borderland of academy/company in five different branches: telecommunications, aerospace, transportation, life sciences and defense & security. For example, several speakers from the industry will testify how the Chalmers research has been useful in products that now, ten years later, create competitiveness and jobs.
– We will also have an exhibition of posters and demonstrators from researchers and companies that demonstrate successful examples from our common journey.
What should not be missed?
– I always find it interesting to listen to industry speakers as they describe how the Chalmers research now come to affect their development in very different types of businesses: spin-offs, component manufacturers and systems, says Jan Grahn.
He continues:
– We have, for example, semiconductor research which started as a small projects at Chalmers 10-20 years ago, and now can be found in sensor and communication systems worldwide.
Will we be hearing some exciting research?
– Of course we have academic presentations from several renowned professors at Chalmers. See the agenda for examples. A portion of this research will certainly be of use in the industry in ten years. The Centre Day therefore provides both a historical perspective and a look into the future! concludes Jan Grahn.
Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Jan-Olof Yxell

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Jan 2017.