Former team-members who pursued their PhD or licentiate theses at Terahertz and millimetre wave laboratory.​

Year    Exam   Name   ​​  ​                    Title of Thesis​
​Juan Cabello Sánchez ​Planar-Goubau-line components for terahertz applications


​Isabel Harrysson Rodrigues Charge carrier transport in field-effect transistors with two-dimensional electron gas channels studied using geometrical magnetoresistance effect


Muhammad Asad​

Impact of adjacent dielectrics on the high-frequency performance of graphene field-effect transistors ​
​2020 ​PhD Eunjung Cha​​ InP High Electron Mobility Transistors for Cryogenic Low-Noise and Low-Power Amplifiers​
​2020 ​PhD Xinxin Yang​ Characterisation and modelling of graphene FET detectors for flexible terahertz electronics
​2020 ​PhD Marlene Bonmann Graphene field-effect transistors and devices for advanced highfrequency applications​
​2019 ​PhD ​Arvid Hammar Optics for Earth Observation Instruments​
​2017 ​PhD Evgenii Novoselov
MgB2 hot-electron bolometer mixers for sub-mm wave astronomy
​2016 ​PhD Michael Andersson Characterisation and modelling of graphene fets for terahertz mixers and detectors ​
​2016 PhD​ Robin Dahlbäck Millimetre wave waveguide enclosed grid frequency multipliers and imaging
​2015 ​Lic ​Johanna Hanning Characterisation of terahertz integrated membrane circuits
​2015  PhD​ Aleksandra Malko Silicon Integrated HBV Frequency Multipliers for THz Applications
​2014 PhD​ Stella Bevilacqua Study of MgB2 and YBa2Cu3O7-x Microbolometers for THz Sensing Applications
2013 PhD Aik Yean Tang Modelling and Characterisation of Terahertz Planar Schottky Diodes
2012 PhD Omid Habibpour Graphen FETs in Microwave Applications
2012 PhD John Berge Switchable and tunable bulk acoustic wave resonators based on BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin films
2011 PhD Peter Sobis Advanced Schottky diode receiver front-ends for terahertz applications
2010 PhD Bahman Raeissi Charge carrier traffic at interfaces in nanoelectronic structures
2009 PhD Martin Norling Piezoelectric and ferroelectric device technologies for microwave oscillators
2009 PhD Biddut Banik Photonic THz Generation and Quasioptical Integration for Imaging Applications
2009 PhD Johan Piscator Influence of Electron Charge States in Nanoelectronic Building Blocks


Simon Kristiansson

​Substrate Noise Coupling in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits: Compact Modeling and Grounding Strategies
​2007 ​PhD Dan Kuylenstierna ​Integrated Lumped Element and Ferroelectrically Tunable Microwave Components
2006 PhD Pär Rundqvist Characterization of (Ba,Sr)Ti03 thin films for multiplier applications


Therese Berg

Integration and Characterisation of Superconducting HEB Mixers for the Herschel Space Observatory
2005 Lic Jean Baubert Submillimeter Heterodyne Array for High-speed Radio Astronomy
2005 PhD Anders Eriksson Tunable Filters based on Ferroelectrics and Semiconductor Varactors
​2004 ​PhD Saeed Abadei ​Ferroelectric thin films on Si-substrate for tunable microwave applications
​2004 ​PhD Mattias Ingvarson Modelling and design of high-power HBV multipliers
2004 Lic Haris Music Photonic generation of microwaves
​2003 PhD ​Pourya Khosrpoanah NbN and NbTiN Hot Electron Bolometer THz Mixers
2003 Lic Håkan Berg Passive Microwave Components for Silicon MMICs: Design, Modelling and Measurements
2002 Lic Aurele Adam Low and High Tc Bolometer Detectors for THz Frequencies
​2000 ​PhD ​Lars Dillner ​Heterostructure Barrier Varactors for High Efficiency Frequency Multipliers
​PhD ​Jan Stake ​Planar Heterostructure Barrier Varactor Diodes for Millimetre Wave Appllications
​1998 PhD​ Erik Carlsson​ ​High Temperature Superconducting and Tunable Ferroelectric Microwave Devices

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