Quantum Device Physics Laboratory

Quantum Device Physics Laboratory (QDP) carries out internationally recognised experimental and theoretical research to elucidate the physics, properties and potential device-relevant functions of new materials.
The research extends over a variety of different topics including topological insulators, molecular- and single electronics, spintronics, van der Waals heterostructures, high-temperature superconductivity, THz-radiation and magnetic sensors, and atomic-level quantum theory. Applications of our research are used in radio astronomy, metrology, medical instrumentation, such as bioassays and magnetoencephalography, and in ICT. The research on spin transport, mainly in graphene and other 2D materials, is highly relevant for drastically reducing dissipation in modern computers. QDP has a strong international network and fruitful collaborations with excellent laboratories.

The research at the QDP extends over a variety of different topics and is  divided in to sub groups: 

We also have a small Atomic-level Quantum Theory Group in our lab. 


Head of Laboratory

Professor Dag Winkler, dag.winkler@chalmers.se​ +46 (0)31 772 3474

Published: Mon 16 Dec 2019.