Microwave Electronics

Wireless communication and remote sensing play an important role in the modern society and almost everyone are using such systems every day. Typical examples are mobile phones, wireless internet connectivity, radio and TV broadcasting, and wireless networks at home or public areas.
Thanks to the rapid development in the semiconductor technology, driven by the computer industry, such microwave systems can be produced in large quantity at a low cost per unit, making it affordable for most people all over the world.

At the Microwave Electronics Laboratory, we focus on application driven research on high speed electronic
components, circuits and systems for future communication and remote sensing applications.
The research spans frequencies from below 1 GHz to 500 GHz. Our main research areas are within wireless high
speed digital communication, sensors such as radar systems and radiometers, and microwave heating. We demonstrate innovative microwave components and circuits in our own fabrication lab, the Nanofabrication
Laboratory at MC2, or at external cooperation partners/foundries. We characterize our components and circuits
in our measurement laboratory.

Most of our work is project oriented together with other universities, companies and institutes, where the Microwave Electronic Laboratory is responsible for hardware research and development. In addition we contribute to an extensive educational programme including Master of Science and PhD level.

Head of Laboratory

Professor Christian Fager,​, +46(0)31 772 5047

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