Seminars supported by IEEE CPMT Scandinavian Chapter

Time: Thursdays, once a month, 9:45

Place: seminar room B520, MC2 (5th floor)


Nanoscience challenges and opportunities, by Prof. Per Hyldgaard


Past events

Development of a multi-parameter sensor system for Bioreactor
monitoring, by Guilain Piraux

Finite Element Simulation of 2D-based
Materials as Heat Spreaders, by Michael Edwards

Surface functionalization of graphene oxide for biomedical applications, by Changhong Zhao
Multi-functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Printable, Conductive, Flexible and Strechable Interconnect Application, by Nan Wang
Application of Nanomaterials in Electronics Packaging for Interconnections, by Si Chen
The evolution of the pin-flange adapter, by Sofia Rahiminejad
Carbon nanotubes and copper composite, by Shuangxi Sun
Modification of graphene/graphene oxide for bio medical applications, by Changhong Zhao
Workshop on Advanced Nanoscale Electronics Packaging, June 10, 2015
Sponsored by SSF, Chalmers, IEEE, CPMT Nordic 
Time: 09.00 - 16:00 in Kollektorn, MC2 (Kemivägen 9)
Read more about the event here.


Characterization of nano-scale materials for interconnect and thermal dissipation application in electronics packaging, by Xin Luo

Hot spots cooling with integrated randomly stacked graphene films, by Yong Zhang

3D carbon based electronic system, by Wei Mu

The use of Carbon Nanotubes in Flexible Electronic Applications, by Di Jiang
2014-02-27  Time 10.00 in Kollektorn.
Licentiate seminar: "Micromachined Gap Waveguide Devices" Sofia Rahiminejad
2014-03-27  Seminar: Electronic and optical excitations in metal organic frameworks, by Kristian Berland
2014-05-02  (Friday, 15.00 - 18.00) Bilateral workshop between Shanghai University and Chalmers University of Technology. Please see agenda for details.
2014-05-22  Seminar: RFID Profiling in Printer Environments, by Markus Frank
2014-06-17  Seminar: The simulation-based design and fabrication of a SiGe-based thermo-electric module (TEM), by Michael Edwards 
2014-06-19  Seminar: Title to be announced
2013-01-29  Graphene based cooling solutions for electronics and photonics systems, by Yong Zhang


2013-02-26  GAP waveguide, by Sofia Rahiminejad

2013-03-26  Carl Zandén

2013-04-23  Carbon materials in thermal management, by Murali Murugesan

2013-05-28  Nan Wang

2013-11-14 Fabrication of electrode materials and the measurement of Electrical double layer capacitor, by Mohammad Mazharul Haque 

2013-12-12 Highly conductive flexible and ultrathin films for electronic applications, by Nan Wang

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