Thermodynamic and dielectric properties of nano-enhanced nanofluids

The thermodynamic and dielectric properties of oils are instrumental when choosing speciality oils for applications ranging from transformers to bearings. Transformer oil insulates and cools transformers. It's used primarily in transformers, but can also be found in other electrical equipment, such as high voltage switches and circuit breakers. Transformer oil must be able to remain stable at high temperatures for long periods of times.
The goal of the study is to study the thermodynamic, dielectric and flow properties of a nanofluid composed of a naphthenic oil and nanoparticles, such as graphene or boron nitride, for different volume fractions of the chosen particle. The studies will also have to take reflect on health and environmental effects tied to the nanomaterials used.
Figure 1 : Graphene and its descendants: top left: graphite = stacked graphene; top right: graphene; bottom left: fullerene=wrapped graphene; bottom right: nanotube=rolled graphene.
The student should have a background in chemical engineering or applied physics. Experience working in a clean-room environment is meritous.

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