Quantum transport in nanoscale junctions

Snapshots of results within projects on nanoscale junctions. To the left we calculated the coupling between an oscillator and superconducting/nano wire junction. In the center we se how molecular magnets can be probed by transport. To right we explore exotic superconductivity in a magnetic field.
Nano-scale devices may very well be the basic components of future electronics. We have projects at AQP on non-equilibrium transport in such devices. Of particular interest is understanding transport of charge, spin or energy through few-channel contacts made of e.g. single molecules, carbon nanotubes, or few-layer graphene. We are also working on properties of unconventional superconductors. Superconductors are materials that conduct without resistance or energy loss below a transition temperature Tc. New materials show high Tc:s but are usually very complex with competing superconducting and magnetic order. We make theoretical models and calculations to probe this complex order of matter.
Quantum mechanics or Quantum engineering, Condensed matter physics, Statistical Physics
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