CVD grown graphene transferred onto SiO2
​Figure 1. CVD grown graphene transferred onto SiO2

Post-synthesis processing of graphene for electronics packaging applications

Project description

Graphene has attracted a lot of interest due to its excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Varieties of applications have been proposed for using graphene in electronics such as transistors, heat spreaders, thermal interface materials, etc. However, the performance of the graphene in these applications is far below expectation due to the defects in graphene material. In this project, we propose different post-synthesis processing solutions to develop high quality graphene material for electronics packaging application. This will include both the CVD grown graphene and liquid phase exfoliated graphene.

This project will focus on experiment work. The work will mainly be performed in the MC2 cleanroom which is world class and houses more than 300 advanced equipments. Various processing approaches will be tested on the graphene materials. After synthesis, the graphene materials will be transferred onto target substrates for characterization. This includes SEM, TEM, AFM, Raman, electrical, thermal and optical measurement, etc. At the last of the project, application of the graphene materials for heat dissipation will be demonstrated.

Students with a background in material, electronics, nanotechnology, physics or equivalent is preferred. Experience in cleanroom work is a plus.

1. Geim A. & Novoselov K., The rise of graphene, Nature Materials, 2007.
Supervisor: Assistant Professor Yifeng Fu, 031-772 3093,
Department: MC2

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