Phase-sensitive amplifier with modulated pump

​One significant drawback with phase-sensitive amplifiers is the need to transmit two channels with correlated information. This effectively halves the throughput of a fiber link. One potential way to achieve phase-sensitive amplification between channels with independent data is to phase modulate the pump to maintain the phase-matching conditions necessary for phase-sensitive amplification. 
The student undertaking this project will use numerical simulations, and possibly an experimental demonstration, to investigate the potential of this scheme. The student will use a numerical model to simulate a PSA where the signal and idler waves are modulated with QPSK, and the pump is phase-modulated to achieve phase matching. This investigation should take into account the symbol rate and frequency separation of the three waves. 
Extension: Should the simulations prove successful, the student will have the opportunity to perform an experiment using low-symbol rate QPSK to verify their results.

Contact: Kovendhan Vijayan,

Focus: Numerical simulations, experimental extension possible.

Page manager Published: Mon 07 Dec 2020.