Multi-band antenna for RFID tags based on fractal geometry

Project Description:
The work is part of a Nordic project in which our focus is on design, fabrication, and characterization of antenna used for a RFID sensor tag and which is optimized for the front-end circuitry and for the environment (e.g., mounting onto a metal surface, embedding in plastics).

The work is a continuation and improvement of fractal antenna that has been developed in our group under a previous project, IntelliSense. This is a fractal-based antenna for both UHF bands and 2.45 GHz that shows promising results.

The design challenge is in getting this small size antenna for near-field applications that has:

  • Good efficiency and radiation for both frequencies,
  • Less sensitive to the substrate thickness (from 3mm thick substrate towards 1.9mm);
  • Less sensitive to the attachment onto metal surfaces and eventual transfer of its design to a flexible substrate thus lowering the global cost of the RFID tag.
Project status
  • Already some work has been done by previous MSc student.
  • The first prototype shows quite good agreement with the simulation but improvement of its characteristic is needed.
  • There is an antenna measurement device but improvement is needed.
  • in-depth reading on antenna working principles
  • understanding of the antenna simulation software
  • find the correlation between antenna parameters (ex. layout, substrate material and thickness, etc.) and working parameters (ex. frequency, gain, radiation, etc).
  • Antenna measurement set-up at Chalmers and eventual at VTT (our partner in Finland)
  • Measurements on the new designed antenna (at Chalmers and at VTT).

Preferable the student has a minimum knowledge on electromagnetism / antenna and/or simulation software (ex. ADS or similar).


What will you learn?
  • You will learn the working principles of antenna.
  • You will learn to characterize an antenna.
  • You will learn to use antenna characterization software.
  • You will learn to work in group and alone
  • You will learn to present your work in written (rapport) and oral presentation.
What would be the possible outcome?

We expect to publish at least one paper during the project.


For more information, please contact:

Johan Liu or Peter Enoksson

Page manager Published: Thu 20 May 2021.