Liquid crystals for application at terahertz frequencies


Physical Electronics Laboratory-Photonics Laboratory, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Chalmers University of Technology. (Especially for you from Master Program “Wireless electronics and photonics”)

Project description

Terahertz part of the electromagnetic spectrum (100GHz-10THz) is the last frontier in the exploration of electromagnetic waves. Previously known only from rather exotic areas of science as high energy plasma or radio astronomy, terahertz waves gain more popularity in the research due to their unique properties. Frequency wise terahertz waves lie between microwaves and infrared which are impossible to imagine the modern life without. Consequently, terahertz technology, which deals with various aspects of generation, detection, propagation, interaction with media, of terahertz waves, it uses approached from both microelectronics and photonics. It also invents terahertz specific techniques. Terahertz waves are known to penetrate clothe and packages as microwaves, but also have sufficiently short wavelength to be used for imaging as infrared waves. Some advanced applications of terahertz electronics and photonics include, but certainly not limited to, secure communication links, terahertz imaging, and remote detection of hazardous materials.

At Chalmers there is a large expertise in terahertz technology, obtained through the years of world class research. This includes many types of terahertz devices, circuits, systems. For you it is a unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge about it by doing your Master Diploma Project at Chalmers/MC2.

With the current project we search for a student eager to study properties of liquid crystals, widely known in electrooptics, e.g liquid crystal displays and photonics, at terahertz frequencies. The project will be focused on the field-controlled birefringence effects of liquid crystals in the THz regime, using electrical and/or magnetic fields with respect to controlling the phase of propagating terahertz waves. You will learn advanced computer aided design tools, hardware for THz waves generation and detection, liquid crystal device physics and manufacturing. Depending on the results, the work might result in a scientific publication.

The project consists of

  • Theoretical study: general overview of terahertz technology, optical properties of different classes of liquid crystals, phase shifters at microwave, optical and terahertz frequencies.

  • Design: come with a solution for a reflective or transmissive controlled beam deflector. Electromagnetic and optical simulations.

  • Experimental work: using our laboratory facilities, measure phase shift of terahertz waves through thin layers of liquid crystals. Experimental verification of the designed beam deflector.


Introduction to microwave and photonics engineering, Foundations for microwave engineering, general optics, polarized light optics,

For more information please contact

Sergey Cherednichenko or Per Rudquist


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