III-V/Si integration by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

​Master Diploma Project at the Terahertz and Millimetre Wave Laboratory, MC2 
The background: The future of integrated circuits will include the integration of high performance III-V electronic and/or opto-electronic devices with standard Si CMOS to create to a new class of highly integrated, high performance, ‘intelligent’, mixed signal and RF circuits. While traditional hybrid approaches, such as wire bonded or flip chip multi-chip assemblies may provide short term solutions, the variability and losses of the interconnects and the limitation in the placement of III-V devices relative to CMOS transistors will limit the performance and utility of these approaches. A more attractive approach is the direct integration of CMOS and III-V devices on a common silicon substrate. In this way circuit performance can be optimized by selecting the ‘best junction for the function’ and strategically placing III-V devices adjacent to CMOS transistors and cells. The devices and subcircuits can be interconnected using standard semiconductor on-wafer interconnect processes.
In this project, III-V electronic devices will be grown on Si substrate by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), using novel growth techniques combined with engineered substrates.   

Riber Compact C21 MBE system                                                    Schematic of III-V/Si integration
In this diploma work the candidates are expected to: 
• Characterize the materials grown by MBE
• Fabricate test diode in the cleanroom at MC2
• Measure the device performance
• Document her/his findings with publications/a concluding reports   
In all, we offer a chance to do research on novel state-of-the-art components in an international research environment gathering invaluable experience and worldwide contacts!
Requirements: The project is suitable for MSc student with a background in Applied Physics, or Electrical Engineering.
The candidate is preferred to perform a one-year MSc Diploma project. This project is also suitable for two students.
Contact: For further information please contact Dr. Huan Zhao, huanz@chalmers.se, 031-7723605. MC2 room D618 

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