Enhancing Microwave Filters by Introducing Transmission


Many filters are based on the Chebyshev or similar filter approximations. For a specified filter order this is not optimal when it comes to the behaviour in the rejection band. Optimum behaviour in some sense is exhibited by elliptic function filter approximation (elliptic filters).


Such filters may be realized by dedicated filter structures not always handy for an easy realization. One method of achieving the same property is to modify a Chebyshev filter structure in a way to introduce transmission zeros in the rejection band. Benefits from such a design include lowering the filter order, rejection of specific frequencies, system performance enhancement, asymmetric filters etc.

  • Investigate possible (known) methods for transmission zero introduction into Chebyshev filter structures

  • Design of one or more filters exhibiting this property

  • Layout and measurements on such filters



1 engineering student, preferably with a background towards microwaverelated subjects.

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Page manager Published: Thu 26 Oct 2017.