Development of directional carbon nanowalls for thermal interface materials

The integration and power density of microelectronics products have been continuous increasing for decades. Efficient systematic thermal management solutions are an immediate requirement to dissipate the large amount of heat generated by the integrated chips and other components. Thermal interface materials (TIMs) play a key role for the heat dissipation at all levels within a microsystem. The function of TIMs is to fill the microscale gaps between two contacting materials to enhance the heat conduction through the interfaces. It has been widely recognized that thermal interface materials are one of the main bottlenecks preventing the efficient heat transfer from the integrated chips to the heat sinks and ambient environment.

In this project, we will develop carbon nanowalls (CNWs) for TIM application. The synthesis of CNWs will be performed in CVD chamber. Different catalysts will be used to optimize the synthesis. Afterwards, polymer process will be carried out to formulate the TIM and various thermal characterization techniques such as 3 omega, laser flash, PPR, etc will be applied to examine the TIM.

Students with a chemistry background or related knowledge is a merit.

Examiner: Prof. Johan Liu (, Head of Laboratory, EMSL, MC2

For more information, please contact supervisor:

Dr Majid Kabiri Samani (, EMSL, MC2
Assistant professor Yifeng Fu (, EMSL, MC2


Page manager Published: Fri 23 Sep 2016.