Workshop on Prospects of Ultrastrong light-matter interactions

Ultrastrong coupling between light and matter has been a topic of immense studies over the last decade. Already, ultrastrong and deep strong coupling regimes have been experimentally achieved in a variety of platforms (intersubband polaritons, THz-resonators, superconducting circuits, optomechanics, plasmonic cavities, etc.). Nowadays, the focus of the community is shifting to observing the rich and exotic phenomena predicted before, which are promising for future quantum technologies. Such as; breakdown of the Purcell effect, optical higher order processes, polariton and QED chemistry, among others.

This workshop aims at gathering researchers from the USC community, working in interdisciplinary related fields, to shed light upon where the field is now and where it is heading. The objectives are to stimulate discussions on the latest developments in different platforms for USC, as well as to encourage exploration of the prospects of the field. This workshop will bring together theoretical and experimental researchers from various disciplines (Quantum Optics, Plasmonics, Nanophotonics, Condensed Matter physics, ...) to enrich discussions, broaden perspectives and encourage potential collaborations that will drive the field forward.

  • Recent development of fundamental models in USC
  • Different architectures and platforms to harness the potential of USC
  • Prospects and applications of USC
Location: Hjortviken conference centerGothenburg, Sweden
Dates: 7-9 September, 2020

FormatThe workshop consists of 3 days of presentations and discussions. There will be 4 sessions with presentations and a round-table discussion at the end to encourage discussions. 
To adapt to the current coronavirus situation, the format of the workshop will be a mix between a remote and physical event. People who can travel will be welcome to join us in Hjortviken. Given the small dimensions of the gathering, it will be possible to keep a safe distance. Otherwise, we will have the possibility of attending via Zoom (to listen, give the talks and join discussions).
Due to the difficulty to predict the travel recommendations status in September, we will open registrations for physical attendance in July. In case it is necessary, we will have the event fully online, via zoom. We will announce any updates here if that is the case.

Accommodation: Accommodation and all meals at Hjortviken are included for all attendees.
The location can be found at
Hjortviken is 10 minutes away from Landvetter International Airport and free shuttle service is available between 08:00-20:00.
Invited speakers will stay in single rooms and students will share double rooms with a fellow student.
Funding: The funding is provided by the Swedish Research Council (VR) Infrastructure project on Quantum Plasmonics.

Organizing committee:
Göran Johansson, Professor
Timur Shegai, Assoc, Professor
Therese Karmstrand, Phd student
Adriana Canales Ramos, Phd student
Linda Brånell, Administrator
Category Event
Location: Hjortviken conference centre
Starts: 07 September, 2020, 08:00
Ends: 09 September, 2020, 17:00

Published: Tue 30 Jun 2020.