Sten Gunnarsson, Adjunct Professor Lecture

​Title: Microwave Packaging – the bottleneck of wideband systems

Note! Change in plan due to Corona. This lecture will be given two-fold:
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Abstract for Adjunct Professor Lecture

Wireless microwave products and applications have seen a tremendous development over the last years with increasingly more advanced services to meet market demands. A key enabler of this progress has been the enormous investments in faster semiconductor technologies enabling the usage of higher frequency bands and even more instantaneous bandwidth. These advances have enabled development of highly integrated electronics where the wireless front-end circuitry is located on the same die or inside the same package as baseband and digital circuits. These on-chip and in-package interconnects are capable of transferring very large amount of instantaneous spectrum with minimal distortion. However, at some point, the high frequency wideband RF signal needs to be coupled to the outer world to adjacent components or to the free space through an antenna. This connection between the package and surrounding will, rather than the bare die, often significantly limit the bandwidth, and thus also the overall wideband system performance. This bottleneck is well known but has anyway gained much less attention compared to the vast efforts spent on improving the semiconductor performance. Truly wideband microwave packaging is thus a field of research where much remains to be explored.

But microwave packaging does not concern the microwave performance alone. Equally important are the environmental and cooling requirements. These demands will often result in completely different optimal solutions compared to the microwave perspective. The true bottleneck in microwave packaging is thus not to design a package that fulfills one part of the specification, but fulfills all the different requirements with adequate performance.

This presentation will start with a discussion on fundamental bandwidth limitations in today’s microwave packaging technologies. It will also motivate why it is the package rather than the die performance that is the actual bottleneck in today’s wideband systems. Various traditional packaging techniques are discussed and state-of-the-art is presented. Finally, trends and possible future solutions to obtain truly wideband wireless performance is outlined, demonstrating that the microwave packaging does not, after all, need to be the bottleneck in future wireless systems.

Category Lecture
Starts: 28 April, 2020, 13:00
Ends: 28 April, 2020, 14:30

Published: Mon 06 Apr 2020.