Talk by Dr. Scott Bickham, Corning Optical Communications

Multimode Fiber Design, Characterization, and New Applications

Scott Bickham is a Development Fellow in Corning’s Optical Communications division.  Since joining Corning in 1999, Scott has led the development of low attenuation submarine fibers, bend-insensitive single-mode fibers and dispersion-managed fibers.  He later led the development of the world’s first bend-insensitive multimode fiber.  More recently, he has also been investigating optical connectivity solutions for short reach applications.  Scott has a B.S. in physics from Purdue University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Cornell University.  He holds over 80 patents and has over 50 publications relating to optical fibers and optical transmission systems.  In 2014, he received the Development Excellence Award for his sustained contributions to product and process development at Corning.


The seminar begins with an overview of Corning’s Research and Development activities that have sustained an innovation pipeline that has spanned over 150 years.  Dr. Bickham will then provide an introduction to optical waveguides that will discuss design criteria how they are fabricated.  The remainder of his presentation focuses on the design and characterization of multimode fibers and will discuss new opportunities in data center and high-performance computing for multimode fibers optimized for longer wavelengths laser sources, such as the 1064 nm VCSELs being development at in the Photonics Laboratory at the Chalmers University of Technology.

Category Seminar
Location: Kollektorn, lecture room,
Starts: 13 August, 2018, 13:00
Ends: 13 August, 2018, 14:00

Published: Thu 09 Aug 2018. Modified: Mon 13 Aug 2018