Excitonics at Chalmers

A seminar in the Quantum Materials series with Ermin Malic, Professor at Chalmers. 

The seminar "Excitonics at Chalmers" will be virtual on Zoom.

Password: 513588

In this seminar, I will give an overview of my time at Chalmers including research highlights, build-up of 2D-TECH, and constant struggle for funding. My main goal was to establish an internationally competitive research group focusing on microscopic modeling of many-particle physics in atomically thin 2D materials. We have developed methods to chase dark and bright excitons in time, energy, and space allowing us to reveal their signatures in optics, dynamics and transport experiments. Establishing the Vinnova competence center 2D-TECH, we managed to bring together academia and industry and to match the expertise of the first to the technological needs of the latter. The journey will be continued in the new role as affiliated professor at Chalmers...

Host: Saroj Prasad Dash, Associate Professor, MC2, Chalmers.

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Category Seminar
Location: Virtual Seminar
Starts: 02 December, 2020, 14:00
Ends: 02 December, 2020, 15:00

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