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World unique single turbine stage low-temperature steady-state test facility for TRS and LPT studies

Due to the introduction of new energy-efficient geared fan and ultra-high bypass engines, the robustness and aerodynamic performance of the TRS has become more important. Because of this new engine technology, the inlet swirl angles into the TRS are significantly increased for ultra-high bypass engines and off-design swirl variations higher for geared engines This facility presents a unique way to experimentally study features in the TRS and is crucial for understanding, modelling and future engine design.

The facility features a semi-closed low temperature 2:1 scale single stage LPT and TEC with realistic Reynolds number at 465000. A 200 kW centrifugal fan drives the flow, the turbine is regulated by a hydraulic pump and the temperature is controlled by an upstream water-air heat exchanger.

The facility was designed for steady state aerodynamic and heat transfer measurement utilizing the wide arsenal of tools available in the lab such as multihole probes, PIV, FLIR etc.

The test section TRS is modular and most part of it can easily be exchanged with short downtime and low cost. 
Key Research Topics 
  • Research of flow features in a TRS for modelling, verification and understanding. 
  • Purge flow, High/Low swirl, off-design studies 
  • Heat transfer on OGV and endwalls 
  • Boundary layer development downstream LPT 
  • Surface roughness and nonconformity effects 
Rig Specification
Reynolds Number​ 235 000 - 465 000​​
Mass Flow 10 - 22.8 kg/s
Axial Velocity 15 - 32.8 m/s
Turbine Speed 655 - 1100 RPM
Design Torque 615 N∙m
Swirl angle from LPT -15˚ (+-20*)
Shroud radius 0.553 m
Hub radius 0.34 m
OGV (instrumented) 12 (1- 5)

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