Model manufacturing and modifications

We have selected to outsource most of our manufacturing as investment cost is too high to keep up with modern manufacturing methods for the production volumes we have. We do have a very good network of manufacturing and for most manufacturing methods we have a large pool and a large selection of different manufacturing. We also have some more in-house resources with both equipment and manufacturing from collaboration with other infrastructure and labs at Chalmers.

• [Metal Workshop] - Fully equipped manual metal workshop including; CNC, MDC, for minor modification or manufacturing series. (Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory)

• [Metal Additive Manufacturing] - (EOS 100, EOS270) for titanium, 718 and aluminium. We mostly print probes in this machine but larger object can be produced also. (Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory)

The manufacturing ability we have in the lab is the following:

• [Plastic Additive Manufacturing] – In the lab there is a Modix 3D printer with a print volume of 600x600x600mm for support models or more simple models.

• [Hand Tools] - In the lab there are hand tools for simpler modifications to a model, we do not recommend to make the model in our lab however.​

Page manager Published: Thu 28 Mar 2019.