If you are interested in using any of our facilities or equipment or to come into contact with our researchers, use the contact form below. Please read out user agreement(link) and price list(link) before request any equipment or facility. As the L2 is the most popular tunnel please also check for availability via of the facility via (link to schedule). Please note that this is a preliminary schedule and might not be up to date.

In general projects in the lab are divided into three groups: 
  • Smaller, shorter (1-10days) project using standard equipment and procedures as the L2 Standard testing package. 
  • Medium projects (2-12weeks) project using standard equipment and procedures with possible minor modification but allocate a large amou nt of resources. 
  • Large projects, this is mainly rated on the development time and manpower needed. Measurement might take a week but require 6-18month of development and testing, as building a new wind tunnel.
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