Chalmers Laboratory of Fluids and Thermal Science

The Chalmers laboratory of fluids and thermal sciences is a Chalmers infrastructure hosting a world-class lab with a complete set of hardware resources for leading-edge experimental research in fluid dynamics and heat transfer. The lab general mission is to be an internationally attractive node, which provides professional skills and research equipment to a broad community of academic institutions and companies. This will mainly be done by:
  • Create an open meeting place for collaboration between users from academia, institutes and industry and contribute to a broad range of research applications, from medicine to energy, transport, and architecture and, as a result, to promote inter-institutional research collaboration at Chalmers
  • Enable high quality in and strong impact of research and collaboration through a strong experimental and computational collaborative environment
  • Teaching at all levels to increase the engineering competence and dimension in our teaching by allowing open-ended problems to be solved experimentally 
More details can be found in the regulatory documents of the infrastructure. 


The base for the laboratory comprises three large subsonic wind tunnels, several advanced imaging systems and a complete set of hardware resources for flow and temperature measurements. As a result of systematic work during the last fifteen years, the main wind tunnel and the equipment in the laboratory is at a cutting edge level with comprehensive instrumentation abilities.

The laboratory is driven by highly skilled and experienced staff with many years of successful work in numerous fundamental and applied research projects. The staff can provide highly accurate experiments in a short time, with a high success rate, and low cost. We keep close contact with a large network of model and instrumentation manufacturers to provide the most suitable manufacturing methods and instrumentation for each experiment. 

For further information or for any booking please contact us via the contact form .  

Valery Chernoray
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 50 30

Isak Jonsson
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 50 79

Virtual visit

The lab is located in the Mechanical Bulding at Campus Johanneberg. Please take a virtual visit. 

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