Combustion Laboratory

The Division of Combustion at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences has a laboratory of a very good industrial standard. If we only consider the higher education is the laboratory of the outmost excellence. The laboratory has currently six well-equipped engine test cells where the size of engines ranging from small 2-stroke engines up to 3 liters for passenger cars, ranging from 1 to 6 cylinders and both "optical" engines as well as full metal engines.

The laboratory also includes a test cell for spray studies of different types of fuels, e.g. 1 component and multi-component fuels, suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. For these studies different spray chamber are used for room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure as well as pressurized and heated spray chambers, which in the later combustion of fuel sprays can be studied.

The measuring equipment consists of both conventional equipment for the implementation of the engine test (dynamometers, sensors, amplifiers, fuel meters, emission meters, data acquisition systems, etc.) and advanced equipment for optical and laser-based measurement methods, such as intensified high-speed cameras and ICCD cameras with extremely short exposure time.

In the combustion research laboratory work engineers and technicians along with teachers, researchers and postgraduate students in various experimental projects. These projects are usually conducted in collaboration with comprehensive modeling activities in engine-related problems. The laboratory also collaborates with other institutions in various projects relating to fuel, engine and emissions, for example the Department of Signals and Systems, S2.

Since strategically important projects in hybrid technology seen as realizable the group works actively to build an additional test cell with a focus on the complete driveline.

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Lucien Koopmans, Head of the Division Combustion 
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 13 93

Alf Magnusson, research engineer 
Phone: +46 (0) 31 - 772 52 98

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