Crash Causation Mechanisms

Within CAP (Crash Analysis and Prevention) this research core-area investigates the human, vehicular and environmental factors contributing to the occurrence of crashes and near crashes. Traditionally, our research has focused on crashes and near crashes involving drivers of passenger cars and trucks as well as cyclists. Additionally, our research also targets crashes involving users of powered micro-mobility vehicles. 

Our methodology for crash causation is based on expert assessment of different information (e.g. video images, kinematic variables, and description of the crashes) collected during driving in the real word (e.g. naturalistic data). We anchor our analyses to existing research on cognitive science and human factors to identify human attention, expectations and reactions during driving.   

The results of our analyses support the definition of target scenarios for the development of active safety systems and automated driving and for the creation of mathematical models of driver behaviour. Our research also informs policy makers regarding training solutions and other measures to improve traffic safety.

Page manager Published: Tue 20 Apr 2021.