Road Vehicle Aerodynamics

The research in the Road Vehicle Aerodynamics Group (RVAD) aims to enhance the understanding of the physics behind industrial relevant problems to the automotive industry. Our work is carried out both numerically and experimentally in close collaboration with our partners. Our goal is to contribute with our research and knowledge to the development of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and safe vehicles.

The group’s main areas of interest are:
  • Drag and lift minimization.
  • Cooling-drag minimization.
  • Wheel aerodynamics.
  • Coupling of aerodynamics and vehicle handling.
  • Rear wake stability.
  • Under hood thermal management, in particular, thermal management of electrified drivetrains.
  • Brake cooling performance.
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Head of Research Group
Simone Sebben
+46 31 772 11 76

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