Vibrations and Smart Structures Lab
Vibrations and Smart Structures Lab, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences​


​​The division’s activities within solid dynamics are among the most extensive in the Nordic countries. The research  is directed towards various solid dynamic problems, especially vibrational problems but also other fields such as fatigue, wear, contact mechanics, wave propagation, optimization or smart materials. These effects are important to study as different dynamical aspects, e.g. vibrations, appear in all structures in motion. Dynamical problems arise on different levels, such as unwanted vibrations in high precision devices, shaking and noise from machines as well as failures due to materials fatigue in long-term dynamic processes.

The research goes all the way from basic research to applied projects, and although the main focus  is towards theoretical modelling, including numerical methods, experimental activities also occur. Experiments are performed at the division's laboratory space Vibrations and Smart Structures Lab​ and through field measurements.

Research Projects​

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