Departmental advisory team

​There is a Departmental Advisory Team with external as well as internal members in each Department. The work undertaken by the Departmental Advisory Team is based on Chalmers’ overall vision, goals and strategies, so that the Department’s operations form part of a broader picture.​
  • The Departmental Advisory Team must identify and address overall strategic issues of importance to Chalmers, the Department’s long-term development and other matters of principle within the Department’s areas of operation. 
  • The Departmental Advisory Team must also provide other forms of support to the Department’s Management Group. 
  • The Departmental Advisory Team must monitor the Department’s development and follow up on the operational plan, results attained and budgetary outcome. 
  • The chair of the Departmental Advisory Team is also the person who initiates the appointment of a new Head of Department.

Members of the Department Advisory Team at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences​

​Magnus Olsson Volvo Cars  ​​ ​​President (External comissioner)
​Jonas Ringsberg ​M2​ Acting Head of Department (Internal comissioner )
​Ingela Niklasson-Björn ​AstraZeneca R&D ​(External comissioner)
​Olle Lindmark ​M2 ​Representative teacher (Internal comissioner)
​David Sedarsky ​M2 Representative teacher (Internal comissioner)
​Anna-Lena Larsson ​M2 ​Secretary for the Departmental advisory team, 
Administration & Technical support
(Internal comissioner)
​Patricia Vanky ​M2 Representative Doctoral student (Internal comissioner)
​Oscar Hult ​Kåren ​Representative student (External comissioner)
​Jon Malm ​Kåren​ ​​Representative student (External comissioner)
​Hans Bjarnhed ​AFRY, Technical Center ​(External comissioner)
​Johan Lindqvist ​AB Volvo ​(External comissioner)
​Karl-David Pettersson ​GKN ​(External comissioner)
​Michael Svensson ​SKF ​(External comissioner)
​Rikard Engström ​Trafikverket ​(External comissioner)
​Harry Robertsson ​Stena Teknik ​(External comissioner)
​Patrik Kroon ​Kongsberg ​(External comissioner)
​Dag Winkler ​Mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap ​Representative Rektors
​Lovisa Håkansson ​M2 ​Communication Partner (Internal comissioner)
​Sinisa Krajnovic ​M2  Vice Head of Department for Utilisation 
(Internal comissioner)

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