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The world's fastest ball game to become synthetic

​Badminton is said to be the world's fastest ball game. The official speed record for a shuttlecock when smashed is at 427 kilometres per hour. Now, researchers from Chalmers have received funding from the Badminton World Federation to make the sport fully synthetic.

The best shuttlecocks for badminton are made from goose feathers and are also the type of ball used in international play. For a long time, companies and researchers have been trying to develop synthetic shuttlecocks to avoid using goose feathers. But so far, the goose feather shuttlecocks are superior to the synthetic balls, mainly for smash and net games. The Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore has so far been the only university in the world to work with the Badminton World Federation to develop synthetic shuttlecocks.

Now Chalmers as the only other university commits to a unique collaboration with the Badminton World Federation that will include, among other things, developed methods for testing fully synthetic shuttlecocks that are planned to be standard in international games such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The unique development project will hopefully be the start of a more long-term development work and is part of Chalmers venture in sports technology.

Most of the research will be conducted by the division of fluid dynamics at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences. The laboratory experiments are conducted in collaboration with Polyfor AB, which for more than 30 years has done testing of shuttlecocks for the Badminton World Federation.

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Text: Anders Ryttarson Törneholm​​

Page manager Published: Wed 04 Dec 2019.