Professional mariners as test participants wanted

First time ever: STM tools and functions to be evaluated in the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) in March 13-16 2018! Chalmers and SMA are looking for test participants.​

The Sea Traffic Management Validation Project has developed and created a network of interconnected simulator centers in several EU countries – the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) consisting of both ship handling bridges and VTS/Shore Centers. This network enables testing of Sea Traffic Management in complex traffic situations, port approaches, confined waters as well as other functions, like Search and Rescue, as a safer alternative to live testing. Several new services such as improved ship to ship route exchange, Port Call synchronization, enhanced monitoring and navigational assistance, etc. have been or will be implemented in the simulation testbed and need to be validated and tested by professional mariners.


Up to 30 ships with manned bridges are expected to participate in scenarios in the southern Baltic and English Channel with a limited amount of target vessels reflecting normal conditions for the area in question. The bridge teams are to navigate their ships according a pre-planned route and schedule.

Qualifications for test persons

The simulator bridges are to be manned by two deck officers forming a navigator/co-navigator team. One of the officers is required to have experience in a senior position on board and preferably have a Master Mariner CoC. The other officer may be a junior officer with a 3rd Mate’s license or a senior student of the Master Mariner program. Language prerequisite is English as several nationalities are forming part of the EMSN.

Register for the simulations in March here:

Published: Fri 23 Feb 2018.