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"Tekniksprångare" ​Lena Lang who's doing her internship at Combustion and Propulsion Systems this spring. ​​​
​Ph​oto: Lena Lang

"I want to make as many people as possible interested in engineering"

​She’s searching for a career in which you get to solve problems using technique and where you’re only limited by your own imagination. Her internship at Combustion and Propulsion Systems at the Department of Mechanics  and Maritime Sciences and  has only been running for a few weeks, but to "Tekniksprångaren" Lena Lang it's already obvious that she’s on the right track. Now, she wants to showcase her working day life on Instagram as a way to make others interested in the engineering profession and in research that makes a difference for real.  
Hi Lena! And welcome to the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences! Would you mind giving us a brief resumé of your background?
"I studied natural science in high school and have always been interested in mathematics and problem solving! Becoming an engineer was never a clear choice to me. I went through phases where I wanted to study medicine, law, pharmacy etc. Things that were “normal” to dream of. I eventually fell for the engineering profession and realized that this was precisely what I was looking for. A profession where I get to solve problems with technology and where my fantasy is the only thing that limits me."

How come you applied for Tekniksprånget? And more specifically to Combustion and Propulsion Systems at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences?
"I applied for the Tech leap (Tekniksprånget), because I wanted to learn new things and get out of my comfort zone. I had zero knowledge of combustion engines before I came here. I think it’s very good to try something completely new because then you can only learn about new things and see other perspectives. On the first week a whole new world opened up for me. Also, I believed that the job-description matched me well because I love to do things where I’m allowed to be creative and do the things I love, educate people!"

What’s it been like so far? What have you been up to?
"So far, I’ve been in the lab with the researchers when they do their experiments. I also got the chance to attend a class where we had to disassemble an engine and rebuild it. Already in the first week I got to watch a doctoral thesis defense (Congratulations Jayesh!) which was super interesting and impressive. Otherwise, I’ve mostly been working with social media, tried to create a social media presence for CaPS, especially on Instagram, follow it to see what I’ve been doing in detail! @caps.chalmers."

I know that you’re really into graphic design and social media – in what ways will that become apparent to the rest of us?
"Some of the people I’ve been talking to a lot have probably already noticed. I record and take pictures of almost everything I see! Some already follow the Instagram account that I made the first week. There I design all the posts and do some planning to make it look good whenever a new post comes up. I’ve always been pretty aesthetic, from things like having a good Instagram feed, my assignments, notes and all the presentations that I have had all the way throughout middle school and high school I have actually put time and effort into for it to look good. It’s my hobby! So if anyone needs help with anything relevant I will gladly help! It can be a presentation, a post or a video! Anything! If you instead just want something said or be part of a short video and present yourself and your research, just tell me and I’ll be on my way!"

What are you looking forward to most during your internship here at Chalmers?
"I mostly look forward to try and learn new things, meet new people, but above all, to make as many people as possible interested in engineering and research that make a difference. I haven’t seen a lot of experiments in the spray lab yet because it takes a while to prepare, but I would love to see it when it happens and of course I will share it with everybody! Lasers are incredibly cool. As I said, I love problem solving. When I have time I would gladly sit down and try MATLAB for example, a tool that a lot of people use for their projects here."

And how about future prospect? Any plans?
"I want to keep studying! It will probably be Computer Science or Engineering Mathematics here at Chalmers. No matter how my path looks like, my dream is to have a job where I can wake up, go to and feel like: “Wow, I love this, and I’m making a difference.” I don’t want to stop learning or educating people. As long as it goes well, I’m going to do everything to give back to the people that need help."

Thank you, Lena! Hope you'll have a great internship here with us! ​

Text: Lovisa Håkansson

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Apr 2022.