ShipCLEAN - Map
​The ​ship in this study traveled the North and Baltic Sea.

Fabian Thies presents research for belgian shipowner association

​A post on LinkedIn led to an invitation to speak for the Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association. Fabian Thies' post was about a model for calculating on wind-assisted propulsion of ships.
​The Belgian Shipowners' Association has a think tank they call the Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council. They are the ones who arrange the seminar on December 7. The audience consists of technology-interested employees from ship owners, mainly from various technology departments. 

ShipCLEAN - A model for calculating on wind-assisted propulsion

Fabian Thies will talk about a study he did on wind-assisted propulsion of ships, more specifically an Aframax tanker. The model uses in the study is called ShipCLEAN

"By using my model for wind-assisted propulsion, you can with information available on the web make an assessment of what fuel savings can be made with the help of wind-assisted propulsion of the ship but also what obstacles it entails" says Fabian Thies.

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Page manager Published: Thu 19 Nov 2020.