Master Thesis Projects

Here you can see the current thesis projects that are available at the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences.

To submit a thesis project to this page, please send your accessibility adapted document to​ in Word or pdf. 

Internal research related projects

Division of Combustion and Propulsion Systems

Division of Dynamics

Division of Fluid Dynamics

Division of Marine Technology

Division of Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems (VEAS)

Division of Vehicle Safety


2020 year's exjobbskväll was a digital event 12 October.
Read more about the projects presented at the "Exjobbskväll"​.

External projects

The ads below here are Master's thesis project suggestions from external parties, e.g. industry. If you should want to apply for any of these, please contact the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences first, in order to find a suitable examiner at the department. Alternatively, you may contact a potential examiner directly. Thereafter, you should proceed according to the Instructions for theses on the Master of Science in Engineering, Architecture and Master of Science Programmes. 


FS Dynamics

MSC Software

SF Marina

Volvo Group

Volvo Gr​oup Trucks Technology​

​Växjö municipality

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