Mechatronics Laboratory

The mechanical parts of your robotic model are in place. The wheels seem to be turning the way they’re supposed to; the engines to power them are in place and make for solid inertia as you get the tyres going with the help of the palm of your hand. 

Translate your ideas into reality 

Your idea involving smart sensors that make your own robot solve the problem that ”those old guys at that electronics company” have been working on for years is nothing other than the invention of a genius—at least on the drawing in front of you. This is when you need the Mechatronics Laboratory because now, the electronics must be fixed and the circuitry must be soldered together on the bakelite card. Or do you perhaps prefer to go upscale and etch them together instead? 

All equipment in place 

Anyway, it’s time to sync the sensors using the little CPU sitting there shining in the middle of everything. The computers, software, measuring instruments and tools—they’re all within reach of the 90 m2 large lab in the basement of Hörsalsvägen 7B.​ 

Students from diverse educational programmes 

For those of you who want to discover the product developer within yourself and who are quick to reach for the soldering iron in this inspiring environment, there are several alternatives. Both courses and Bachelor’s projects in Automation must be taught and completed here. And if you study Mechanical Engineering or some other Master’s programme in the building, you may find yourself here in connection with some interesting coursework in Mechatronics. So make sure to pick the “right” educational path and we will warmly welcome you into our Mechatronics Lab!​​

Page manager Published: Wed 10 Oct 2018.