Automotive Projects

Chalmers Formula Student

Since 2002, the Chalmers Formula Student (CFS) project is run as a course under the department. In this project, you will design and manufacture a race car from scratch with support from teachers and industry partners. Initially, CFS cars were powered by internal combustion engines, but since 2015 CFS build cars with electric powertrains. The final goal of the project is to compete in Formula Student competitions, the world’s largest engineering competition for students, where teams are challenged to present the best-engineered formula-style car along with a suitable business plan. Due to the close cooperation with industry, you have access to state-of-the-art technology and facilities, and along with the experience gained throughout the project, this makes you highly sought after by the industry after graduation.

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Chalmers Eco-Marathon

 Chalmers Eco-marathon

Since 2006, Chalmers participates in the Shell Eco Marathon race, started by Shell in the mid 80's to increase the interest in technology and science among young people. The competition is about constructing and building a small vehicle that will transport one person as far as possible in one liter of gasoline. The competition rules allow different types of vehicles, drivelines and fuels / energy sources, and the participants are divided into two classes; "Prototype class" respectively "Urban-concept class".


Student project Vera

Bilen Vera

Vera is a running student project that started in 2007 at Chalmers. After changing the format of the course, the project is run by the students since 2015. Chalmers Vera Team annually consists of approximately 10 students from different year courses. You do not get any credits for the project, but it is rewarding to the students and a great merit because the students have built the entire car themselves.
The idea is that the car will be included in the Shell Eco Marathon competition, organized by Shell, which is held in London, formerly Rotterdam each year.

Until 2015, there was Vera I, but after 8 years of use, a new vehicle was required to be competitive. Vera III, as the new car is called, is designed based on a degree project, where it is simulated with the geometric constraints in terms of driver space and opportunity to look out. The thesis resulted in the car today called Vera II, a car that was never built, due to regulatory changes from Shell. Therefore, a rearrangement for front wheel steering was required, and this was done in the autumn of 2014, with production in spring 2015. After an intensive spring, the new car, Vera III, was completed in May 2015.

The car is very original, it is so called drop-shaped, it has a low center of gravity and is very easy. Everything in order to go as energy efficiently as possible. The car is built self-contained entirely in carbon fiber, a so-called monocoque. The reason that carbon fiber is sought after is to get very high stiffness in relation to weight. Looking down into the car, you see that it is very small. It weighs only about 28 kg and you can not be much longer than 1.65 to drive the car. The intention is that the participants in Vera will learn how to do everything that is needed on the car. There will always be projects in progress.

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