Learning from crash data to make road traffic safer

​Welcome to the promotion lecture of Nils Lübbe to Adjunct Professor

Crash data analysis tells us whether 30 km/h speed zones eliminate pedestrian injuries and whether an 80 km/h speed limit on rural roads is necessary. Analyzing which injuries occur most frequently helps to focus on what is most important. Crash data can serve to validate the tools used to engineer safety systems and to predict the safety challenges for future road traffic.

About Nils Lübbe

Nils Lübbe works at Autoliv where he is responsible for the research strategy as well as validity, application, and communication of research findings as Director of Research. His academic qualifications include Associate Professor, PhD, and MSc from Chalmers. He received the U.S. Government Special Award of Appreciation in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding leadership and special contributions in the field of motor vehicle safety in 2019.​

​​The lecture online in Teams.​
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Location: Beta, lecture hall, Hörselgången 4, Saga. Or online in Teams.
Starts: 01 December, 2021, 10:15
Ends: 01 December, 2021, 11:15

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