International workshop on Methods, models and simulations of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic problems

After a successful first event in 2021, it is time to follow up with the second international workshop on "Methods, models and simulations of  hydrodynamic and aerodynamic problems". 
This year it will be organised as a physical workshop on Campus in Gothenburg. 

The Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2) at Chalmers University of Technology has together with SSPA established a strategic collaboration with knowledge exchange and research on CFD (computational fluid dynamics), EFD (experimental fluid dynamics) and FSI (fluid structure interaction). Through this strategic collaboration between CFD and EFD, Chalmers M2 and SSPA will create an important base within FSI within
hydrodynamics and aerodynamics through testing, method development and development of new, novel numerical codes. 
Collaboration between the researchers and the methods that are developed are applied to areas such as marine renewable energy (wave energy, floating wind power, tidal power), sailing (sail racing), wind-assisted propulsion on commercial vessels, and propulsors in water and in air.

Read the invitation​ for more information about the event and how to submit your abstract and register.

A detailed program will be presented closer to the event​
Fig. 1: Tip vortices induced by electric aircraft propellers.
Fig. 2: Simulated flow structures in the aft of a ship
Fig. 3: Flow velocities in an array of four Flettner rotors on a ship​
Category Workshop
Location: TBA
Starts: 22 June, 2022, 09:00
Ends: 22 June, 2022, 17:00

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