Energy consumption prediction for heavy electric vehicles based on the operating cycle format

​Marcus Berg and Conny Ta present their master thesis titled "Energy consumption prediction for heavy electric vehicles based on the operating cycle format".
Students: Marcus Berg and Conny Ta

Supervisor: Luigi Romano

Examiner: Fredrik Bruzelius

Opponents: Irfan Soudagar and Pranay Damodhar Tota​
​The pre​sentation online in Zoom.


The objective of this report is to estimate the energy consumption of a heavy electric vehicle while it is on the road driving along an unknown route. The results from this project delivers a method and framework that can be used to estimate certain parameters energy consumption affect for parameters that can be hard to predict, or which there are no information of before embarking on a route. The data accumulated throughout the route is used to estimate the characteristics of the investigated parameters. These characteristics are then connected to corresponding pre-calculated energy consumption. The energy consumption from all parameters is then summed up and can then be displayed to the driver. The connection is established by running simulated scenarios generated by stochastic models of the investigated parameters. 

The findings of the project are the relations between one or more parameters of the parameter models to its energy consumption. If the variance of the topography increases an increase in the energy consumption can be observed as well, which is what would be expected. Similar conclusions can also be observed for the two other investigated parameters, curvature and speed bumps. The results allow for summing the energy contributions from each parameter model and gives a total energy consumption for the vehicle along a route. The results of the project display that is possible to estimate the energy consumption for other parameters with similar physical properties as well. This is especially important for those parameters which are harder to calculate beforehand. The final results of the project consists of a series of constructed graphs. These graphs contain information to map a set interval of investigated characteristics such as the variance values, mean curvature and speed bumps intensity to an energy consumption estimate corresponding to every possible combination of the characteristics.​
Category Student project presentation
Location: Online in Zoom
Starts: 01 February, 2022, 13:15
Ends: 01 February, 2022, 14:00

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