Correlation between pollution levels and city design

​Emelie Johansson presents her master thesis titled "Correlation between pollution levels and city design".
Student: Emelie Johansson

Supervisor: Malin Gustafsson

Examiner: Henrik Ström

Opponents: Adam Yacine Smaili and Helena Andersson
​The presentation online in Zoom
Password: 834597


Air pollution threatens public health, the environment and objects of cultural value and affects the climate. Air pollution is a big problem in many cities, and it is therefore of interest to design cities in such a way that pollution levels decrease. 
The effect of shape and size of buildings and different vegetation scenarios (one with just background vegetation; one with a sparse row of English oaks and background vegetation; one with a dense row of English oaks and background vegetation; one with a green wall made of ivy and background vegetation) on pollution levels of NO, NO2, O3, PM10 and PM2.5 is studied for different wind configurations and emission scenarios for Fabriksgatan in Gothenburg and its surroundings. Two different street canyon widths are studied: one representing the width today and one wider, with room for a bike- and walkway and a row of trees. 
For this, the large eddy simulation (LES) model PALM, based on Fortran-code, is used. 
Main findings are that a wide street canyon enables more circulation and thus lower pollution levels. Small point houses open up the street canyon and such configurations have lower pollution levels than more confined street canyons. Both buildings and vegetation could be used to shield out emissions, but vegetation generally increases mean concentrations. This is believed to be due to an incomplete implementation of the effects of deposition in PALM. Thus, the effects of deposition must be studied in more detail before general advice on vegetation could be made.​
Category Student project presentation
Location: Navier, meeting room, Hörsalsvägen 7A, M-huset. Or online in Zoom.
Starts: 10 December, 2021, 09:00
Ends: 10 December, 2021, 10:00

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