The Department's vision for utilisation is linked to our long-term goal of ensuring sustainable technological solutions for society. Today we have a strong position in our field through both long-term and broad collaborations with society and business. Our strong position in utilisation we transform into benefits for our research and education, while at the same time helping to transfer knowledge to our partners. ​

Research must be relevant to society and contribute to society's ability to handle critical challenges. In particular, we want to increase companies' sustainable competitiveness and their prerequisites for favorable economic development as well as contribute to resource sustainability through more efficient use of energy and other resources in corporate technology solutions.

We utilise by  

  • Collaboration and interaction with companies and the surrounding society in undergraduate education
  • Missionary education with the aim of contributing to raising skills in companies and society
  • Seminars and workshops open to external participants
  • Knowledge building and dissemination of knowledge in research projects
  • Advice or participation in community debate
  • Product and service development projects aimed at solving technical problems
  • Software development offered mainly as open source
  • Availability of research infrastructures
  • Active participation in and development of center formation / research networks in order to gather research and industry around specific problem areas

Key figures for utilisation

Mechanics and Maritime Sciences have developed a model for follow-up of utilisation where we use a number of key figures (KPIs) to follow up on how we work for utilisation. The numbers can provide some sort of guideline about performance and "actions" and then, in the analysis and discussion about the outcome of the follow-up, we develop the business and decide how we best utilize our research and education.

Responsible for utilisation
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