We can transform our strong position within our research area, and our broad collaborations with society and industry into benefits for your business. Through knowledge transfer to you as a partner, we can contribute to your ability to handle critical challenges, increase your competitiveness and your conditions for economic development, among other things by ensuring that your business uses energy and other resources efficiently in various types of technology solutions. We call it utilisation. 

Examples of utilisation and what your business has to gain from it 

  • Collaboration and interaction in our undergraduate education - secure future competence needs 
  • Professional education in order to contribute to increasing skills in your business 
  • Seminars and workshops where you can participate 
  • Knowledge transfer and dissemination of knowledge in research projects 
  • Advice or participation in public debate 
  • Product and service development projects in order to solve your technical problems 
  • Software development, mainly as open-source 
  • Making research infrastructure available 
  • Development of competence centre formations/research networks in order to bring together research and industry around specific challenges and research issues.​

Responsible for utilisation at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences
Selma Brynolf

Page manager Published: Sat 24 Sep 2022.